Seriously? Look Who Just Came to the Defense of Al Franken

There’s high speculation that Minnesota Senator Al Franken will resign today, after another woman has stepped forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior, and a long list of Democrat lawmakers have said, “Enough!”


He’s not without his defenders, however.

On Wednesday night, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, along with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham both came to his defense.

Yep. That’s right.

“To the best of my knowledge, even the one which broke today, the horrifying last straw which led [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer to decide as a great New Yorker that he had to suddenly stand on the side of puritanism. Pretty bizarre,” Gingrich told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “As I understand it, that occurred two years ago when he was a comedian. Al Franken was a comedian. Comedians often do weird things. He was in the entertainment business. He was doing the kind of things people in the entertainment business do.”

The accusations that came out on Wednesday included his cornering a Democratic staffer and trying to forcibly kiss her. As she struggled and managed to slip away, he told her it was his “right” as an entertainer.

The eighth woman claims she met Franken at a party, during the recount of his election to the Senate. In another photo-op incident, he grabbed a “handful of flesh” as they posed for the photo.


As for that being the kind of thing people in the entertainment business do, I’m sure Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey would love to sit and discuss that with you over a cup of hot coffee and some roofies, Newt.

Ingraham noted how she’s tried to lose track of the allegations and said, “I think it’s minor stuff.”

Minor stuff?

I thought minor stuff was Roy Moore’s beat?


Low blow, I know.

That does bring me to a point to consider. In the right’s gleeful celebration of leftist debauchery being their downfall, many are a bit more defensive when you point to guys like Roy Moore, who has a number of concerning accusations leveled against him – those involving kids – and our own [somewhat] Republican president, Donald Trump.

Trump has almost double the accusers of Al Franken and with this new climate of zero tolerance for sexual impropriety, some are hitting rewind and think maybe those who accused Trump should get fresh consideration.

Both Gingrich and Ingraham have been absolutely shameless in their worship of Trump. Could it be that they’re reading the tea leaves and see defending Franken’s behavior as necessary cover to be laid down for Trump and Roy Moore, another Trump loyalist?



Earlier in the interview, Gingrich offered up this comparison:

“What you saw today was a lynch mob,” Gingrich said. “Let’s not have due process, let’s not ask anybody any questions, let’s not have any chance to have a hearing. Let’s just lynch him.”

“I just want everyone watching to understand that Newt Gingrich is here tonight and he is standing up for Al Franken,” Ingraham noted during the interview.

And had there not been Trump accusers first, or Roy Moore accusers now, both of you would have been celebrating the public shaming and ruin of men like Franken and John Conyers.

Let’s at least be honest about that.



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