Tillerson on the Way Out? Not so Fast...

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 13, 2017, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. North Korea has released Otto Warmbier, an American serving a 15-year prison term with hard labor for alleged anti-state acts, Tillerson said in an announcement that came as former NBA player Dennis Rodman was paying a return visit to Pyongyang. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Yeah. Not so fast.

As with anything in this administration, it pays to wait and see, regarding any big announcement.

Today’s entry would be the reports of Rex Tillerson’s ouster as Secretary of State.


I mean, it’s been rumored in one form or another for several months.

It began when the story came out about Tillerson calling Trump a “moron” and threatening to resign. That was quickly brushed over with a press conference by Tillerson.

Then there were rumors several weeks ago about replacing Tillerson with Mike Pompeo.

That particular rumor came back to life today, with the added bonus of Senator Tom Cotton taking over Pompeo’s slot as CIA director.

If true, that’s big news.

The thing is, it may not be true.

At least, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) is blowing it off as mere rumor.

Corker, who called the report “bogus,” said he met with Tillerson for a lengthy meeting on Thursday, where the secretary of State disputed the report. He also predicted the White House would release a statement disputing it.

“It’s inaccurate,” he said. “The White House totally understands and is going to send out a statement.”


That should be interesting.

Trump was asked earlier today about the validity of the rumor, but he chose to ignore it, simply saying that “Rex is here,” when asked if he wanted Tillerson gone.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders also blew off the question, saying there were no announcements, at this time.

The rumor apparently began with a New York Times piece, that suggested Chief of Staff John Kelly had crafted a plan to force Tillerson out. Several other outlets seemed to confirm the plan.

I honestly don’t think a plan is necessary.

Just ask the guy if he’s ready to bail this Mickey Mouse administration. I’m willing to bet he’s Texas-bound before nightfall.

I guess we’ll know soon enough if there’s any validity to it.


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