Not Everyone Disapproves of Trump's Early Morning Tweet Choices

It pays to look at who he retweets and who approves.

After retweeting several anti-Muslim videos from Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First HQ, Trump quickly got a warning tweet from Prison Planet. That’s how bad it was.


Britain First is a den of fascist, known for their “Christian” patrols of neighborhoods, as pointed out earlier by Neil Stevens.

The videos were inflammatory, showing a young boy being pushed from a rooftop then kicked and beaten to death. Another reportedly shows a man saying something in Arabic, before tossing a statue of Mary, shattering it. A third video shows a man on crutches being attacked.

What the videos have in common are that the attackers all seem to be Muslim.

Trump’s apparent approval of their existence is problematic enough. The fact of who he is retweeting only adds to that fire.

And with the flames already stoked, nothing quite tops off the day like getting the two, big thumbs up from David Duke.

“Trump retweets video of crippled white kid in Europe being beaten by migrants, and white people being thrown off a roof and then beaten to death, He’s condemned for showing us what the fake news media WON’T. Thank God for Trump! That’s why we love him!” Duke tweeted Wednesday morning about the videos.


Maybe the “fake news” are not showing these things because of the very real threat of racial hysteria and angst. It’s not like we don’t have enough in this nation. At a time when we need to be doing all we can to quell tensions, this is the absolute wrong message to be sending, especially from our president.

That those who actually approve of Trump’s choices for tweets are known white nationalists and former Klan leaders should invoke some measure of shame from the part of his fan base that don’t otherwise consider themselves to be the basement dwelling miscreants.

It should, but I’m bracing myself for the inevitable hissing and spitting directed at me, as if I’m more at fault for pointing it out than he is for actually doing it.


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