Sean Hannity's Latest Display of Mindless Loyalty to the State May Be His Dumbest Yet

Honestly, Fox News’ Sean Hannity – devoted propagandist and loyal bootlicker to the Trump regime – makes it way too easy. He’s gone beyond cartoon parody into something so outrageously dumb, I’m beginning to believe it’s an act.


Seriously. Gotta be, right?

Take this latest entry, as he mimics the object of his devotion and tweets out something so ignorant, that I’m sure his targets have soiled themselves in uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Last night I told you about King Donald’s latest braggadocio, as he declared that he’d turned down the “honor” of being Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

Trump tweeted:

Well, Time Magazine apparently hit him back.

They didn’t outright call the president a liar. They just said that that’s not how they work that process of naming their Person of the Year.

It’s not really a big deal. At least, it shouldn’t have been.

Hannity came screeching to Trump’s defense – possibly spurred on by the swift and thorough mockery that Trump’s announcement incurred from social media – and attacked Time Magazine.

Now, most of us could infer from Time’s tweet that they’re clearly suggesting that, no, they did not reach out to Trump or tell him he would probably be “Person of the Year.”


Most of us.

Then again, most of us are not full-on, Jim Jones and the People’s Temple indoctrinated.

He wasn’t finished. He dug in, possibly drawing strength from his fellow “deplorables.”

Keep waiting, clown.

Hannity’s demand that Time Magazine answer a question that they already clearly answered, even before he asked is to play up to the worshipful MAGA crowd. Not one has the clarity required to answer Hannity’s tweet with, “They already answered you. They apparently did not.”

No, Hannity’s demand is that Time Magazine admit that they did, in fact, offer the honor to Trump and he turned them down. Truth is relative in this situation.

And speaking of truth, it’s possible that Trump may be the one telling the truth, here, but that’s not Hannity’s concern. As has been his goal from the beginning, he’s working to aid Trump in making Trump’s word the only arbiter of truth.

That’s how it works for the indoctrinated. All truth lies with the leader, and Hannity is happy to be the Minister of Propaganda.


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