SCARY: Texas Woman Targets Politicians with Homemade Explosives

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks at the Dallas Regional Chamber at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on March 16, 2015. He spoke on the 2015 State of the State. (Michael Ainsworth/The Dallas Morning News) 03182015xALDIA

This is crazy.

A Texas woman, 46-year old Julia Poff, has been charged in a Texas district court this week with six counts of mailing explosives, with the intent to kill  or injure.


Poff sent the explosive packages in October of 2016 to then-President Obama, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and Commissioner of the Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin.

She apparently had a lot of issues she felt required her to use the means of a terrorist to resolve.

She was angry with Governor Abbott because she wasn’t receiving support from her husband.

Abbott actually opened the package that was sent to him. He was saved from being severely burned, or even killed by opening the package the wrong way, according to reports.

Get this weirdness:

Federal investigators say they were able to connect Poff to the packages using pieces of the shipping labels, and also matched cat hair found in the box mailed to President Obama with her cat.

Also included in the making of the device was a salad dressing cap that they were able to trace back to Poff.

In fact, the specifics contained in the court documents are crazy!

For instance, they noted the type of salad dressing (Ken’s Dressing) and that it was for an anniversary dinner she had prepared.


They also described the shipping label, as it seems Poff was dumb enough to recycle a package that has been sent to her from an Ebay purchase. They had the name of who had sent her the original package.

Poff has been charged with Injurious Articles as Nonmailable and Transportation of Explosives with the Intent to Kill and Injure for the crimes against the government officials.

She has been charged additionally with fraud against the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP – food stamps), and with false declaration in Bankruptcy.

She’s probably a strong contender for the year’s dumbest criminal. You can read the full court documents here.


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