The World Says Goodbye to a Hard Rock Icon

For those of us who grew up on Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, this is a somber day.

One of the icons of the 70s hard rock scene and beyond, one half of the dynamic brother duo that is responsible for some of the anthems of rock and roll has left us.


Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist and founding member of the Australian group, AC/DC has passed away.

Young formed the band in 1973, when he was 20 years old, along with his younger brother, Angus. While the band went through numerous lineup changes, it was that early lineup with the Young brothers, and Scottish-born Bon Scott on vocals that always gave the best bang for your hard rock bucks.

Sadly, Bon Scott passed away in February 1980, after a night of heavy drinking. He was followed by Brian Johnson, and the band had what was to be their biggest hit, “Back in Black” with Johnson on vocals later that year.

The album was a tribute to Scott.

Malcolm retired from the stage in 2014, after being diagnosed with dementia.

As someone caring for an elderly parent with dementia, I’ve seen firsthand the toll it takes. It’s a horrible condition.

AC/DC and the sound created by the Young brothers was pure booze-and-blues fueled rock and roll. These songs are still played at parties, before concerts, and in clubs all over the world. You can’t even think “rock and roll” and not think about AC/DC, somewhere in your mental discography of the genre.


Every jukebox in every pizza joint when I was growing up had several AC/DC songs for play.

Even today, the hipsters are wearing vintage AC/DC t-shirts.

This was probably my first favorite hard rock band, and I’m probably not the only one reading this that can say that.

What Malcolm Young started was legend, and legends don’t die.

Prayers of comfort and peace for his family, friends, and fans.


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