All the Stupids: Sniveling Millennials Liken 70s-Era Parody Tune to "Blackface"

Today’s generation of kids – the Millennials – really are the dumbest generation.

And the weakest, most ineffective, dainty, easily offended, joyless, humorless, arrogant, obnoxious… I could go on, but feel free to add your own adjectives.


In today’s edition of: STOP IT, YOU IDIOTS! YOU’RE EMBARRASSING YOUR PARENTS, we explore Reed College, out of Portland, Oregon and the high-strung social justice wingdings that inhabit the joint.

Some of you older folks may remember a parody tune by comedian Steve Martin, which was first highlighted in a “Saturday Night Live” skit from the late 70s, based on the Egyptian history exhibit that was touring the country, Treasures of Tutankhamun.

The song was “King Tut,” and it lampooned the commercialization of the ancient Egyptian historical find.

It was humor. It actually had a point.

And it’s a lost art, especially with today’s “woke” generation.

When the video was played in a humanities class at Reed, however, it nearly caused fainting spells.

Those students now want the class made optional, as they search for something less shocking to their weakened, everything-is-racist minds.

The group primarily upset about the video being played in class, Reedies Against Racism, is comparing Martin’s comedic song to the use of the N-word. The Atlantic spoke to members of Reedies Against Racism to get a better idea as to why they are upset about the King Tut song from 1978.


Let’s examine the thought process of these little trolls.

One member of Reedies Against Racism told the Atlantic the song is “like somebody … making a song just littered with the N-word everywhere.” She went on to say that the Egyptian clothing that the backup dancers wear is racist as well. “The gold face of the saxophone dancer leaving its tomb is an exhibition of blackface,” she said.


Because ancient Egyptians all had golden faces, and to have a character in a video in “goldface” is the exact same thing as blackface.

She’s obviously never been to any sort of historical exhibit, and doesn’t know about the golden artifacts removed from some Egyptian tombs.

Reedies Against Racism also released a lengthy list of demands which includes a paid day off for Reed staff to boycott the very college they’re making demands to. Another demand was that the university host “mandatory conferences for building race sensitivity for staff and faculty.” Reedies Against Racism also demanded “the creation of particular scholarships for black students.” Students also want the school to host an “Annual anti-oppression workshop for all students, faculty, staff, and administration.”

Does it seem like they were just hovering, waiting for something – anything to trigger protests and to get out of class?

According to the Atlantic, Reedies Against Racism commit to political activism on campus like sit-ins to achieve their goals. The protests associated with the group are described as “visually striking” and reportedly included signs that say things like: “We demand space for students of color,” “We cannot be erased,” “F*ck Hum 110,” and “Stop silencing black and brown voices; the rest of society is already standing on their necks.”

Ok. There’s a stupid.


One assistant professor with the college, Lucia Martínez Valdivia, who defines herself as a gay, mixed-race woman, wrote an op-ed, telling of her own fear of hosting classes that discuss sensitive topics, simply because the pinheads that make up the Reedies crew find it impossible to do their jobs under such volatile conditions.

“Some colleagues, including people of color, immigrants and those without tenure, found it impossible to work under these conditions. The signs intimidated faculty into silence, just as intended,” wrote Martínez Valdivia.

And, as the college attempted to rectify the situation and revise the Humanities course, the Reedies Against Racism kids, so concerned for how this class was being handled, just stopped showing up for the meetings that were designed to work through an agreeable restructuring.

In other words, when they saw the college ready to do something, they realized they might actually have to go to class if an agreement was reached, so they just bailed.

The moniker they’ve chosen for themselves, Reedies Against Racism, is a convenient one, but not accurate. More appropriately, it should be: Reedies Against Work, because this really is just an attempt to get out of class.

Whatever happened to pulling a fire alarm?

And there’s another adjective: Lazy.

If Reed College were serious about being a school that educates, rather than capitulates, they’d give these Reedies exactly what they want.


They’d expel them, turn in the details to any agency where they were receiving student aid, contact the parents and let them know that any monies spent to send their children to school was being wasted, as the students spent more time looking for ways to get out of class than actually in class, learning anything.

Put these delicate flowers in the real world, with no college education, and only their social justice outrage to put on a job application. Then step back and watch the comedy unfold.

Until Reed College’s administration display the kind of guts it takes to take care of their faculty and the rest of the student body, I wouldn’t get overly hopeful.

And in the meantime, who’s starting the pool on how long it will be before Steve Martin is forced to apologize and YouTube snatches the video?


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