Somebody Is Sending Robocalls to Alabama Citizens, Promising Big Rewards for Moore Dirt, Except...

Out of many bizarre and ridiculous things you’ll read, this will be the most bizarre.

With things heating up for Roy Moore in Alabama and the threat of more women coming forward, his defenders are getting desperate.


Moore’s wife, Kayla, has been pushing the easily debunked lie that the four women who initially came forward had sought out the Washington Post.

The reality is that the Washington Post sought them out, and pushed them quite persistently to tell their stories.

It’s not like WaPo even had to go on a long and arduous task of finding dirt. While the nation sees the meme version of Roy Moore, those from his home community, who grew up with him, know him best, and the version they were presenting was not the internet-promoted version.

Also part of the lie being pushed by Moore’s wife and others is that one of his accusers was paid $1000 for her story (or if you follow the bot account that first posted that lie, she’s getting paid 1000$).

Nobody was paid.

And to be clear, Moore may be completely innocent of all that has been alleged. That being said, there’s enough smoke that the GOP and those Republicans in Washington that had been willing to stand behind him, at one time, are running away like their heads are on fire and their butts are catching.

There are a few holdouts, however, and they’re willing to go basement-level low to back him.

At least one person in Alabama, a pastor, is reporting that they received a robocall, claiming to be from a Washington Post reporter, who was willing to pay a bounty for a cooked story on Moore.



At this time, there’s no way to say definitively who scripted or made the call. We have to question the mind of who would come up with a name like “Bernie Bernstein,” though. There’s something so insidious and anti-Semitic about it.

I’m going to make a guess, based on that, and I think it’s a strong guess, that this is someone from a hotbed of alt-right scumbaggery.

And considering those who’ve attempted to derail this story and Moore’s accusers, the name of the place probably rhymes with “Meitbart.”

Just a guess.

A.M. UPDATE: As if you even need it to see through this charade, here is the official WaPo denial of the absurd calls.

“The call’s description of our reporting methods bears no relationship to reality,” says Executive Editor Marty Baron. “We are shocked and appalled that anyone would stoop to this level to discredit real journalism.”


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