In Spite of Accusations, Alabama Pastors Cheer on Roy Moore

Please see my earlier piece, regarding Roy Moore and how the way Christians respond to his case is important for our continued outreach to a desperate world.

Since I released that piece, another accuser has stepped forward, this time accompanied by professional ambulance chaser, Gloria Allred.


Normally, I would say the presence of Allred brings an immediate “ick” factor to any accuser’s case. This particular accuser, however, seemed particularly convincing, and she had a yearbook signed by a 30-year old Moore, when she knew him as a 15-year old.

What he signed wasn’t overly concerning, maybe a bit flirtatious, but her account of her encounter with Moore, when he (allegedly) attempted to force her into a sex act at about 16-years old was.

For the record, this particular accuser, just like Leigh Corfman, says she is a Trump supporter.

As this is going down, Moore’s wife is passing around a letter that has been signed by over 50 Alabama pastors, all urging that voters support Moore, in spite of the accusations against him.

The letter reads:

“For decades, Roy Moore has been an immovable rock in the culture wars — a bold defender of the ‘little guy,’ a just judge to those who came before his court, a warrior for the unborn child, defender of the sanctity of marriage, and a champion for religious liberty,” the pastors wrote. “Judge Moore has stood in the gap for us, taken the brunt of the attack, and has done so with a rare, unconquerable resolve.”


No doubt, Moore’s name was made by his bold stands on issues like displaying a monument of the Ten Commandments on the courthouse grounds.

Those are all quite commendable, in my book.

But the accusations…

The timing is absolutely unfortunate, and I get why some would see this as partisan trickery, but as I’ve said over and over, Christians shouldn’t play the partisan game.

The 53 Alabama pastors accused the “Washington establishment” of declaring “all-out war on his campaign,” and asked voters to support Moore.

“We are ready to join the fight and send a bold message to Washington: dishonesty, fear of man, and immorality are an affront to our convictions and our Savior and we won’t put up with it any longer,” the pastors said. “We urge you to join us at the polls to cast your vote for Roy Moore.”

Unfortunately, debauchery, adultery, abuse, and corruption don’t seem to be as big of a problem. And if even one of these accusers is being truthful, then we have to believe these pastors aren’t as serious about immorality as their letter suggests.


I get it. Even if true, Moore may have changed, and there has to be room for forgiveness, but Moore isn’t asking for forgiveness. Moore is firing back, even threatening to sue the Washington Post.

Somebody is not telling the truth.

With this new accuser and her very compelling account, it only does more to hurt the witness of Christians to the world, to see these pastors to be willing to put their name on something that all but calls these women coming forward “liars.”

All I can say is, hang on. There are whispers of more coming forward, and if that’s the case, there are 53 pastors who are going to look absolutely foolish.


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