Even Fox News Personalities Are Getting Sick of Trump's Act

He’s right, of course.

It’s good to know that not all of Fox News feels beholden to the Trump brand.

After last night’s seeming sweep by Democrats in races across the country, and in particular, the Virginia governor’s race that saw Republican Ed Gillespie easily felled, there were a lot of hot takes, regarding the outcome, but President Trump’s may have been the most mind-numbing.


As Caleb Howe pointed out last night, Trump, who had earlier in the day spoke in glowing terms about Gillespie, immediately turned on him in the wake of his loss.

Like a viper.

And as Caleb also pointed out, Trump will use this to show that if you don’t jump aboard the Trump train, you are doomed. It isn’t on him. In the fantasyland of Trumpidia, only the good things are because of Trump. If something bad happens, it’s a lack of faith in the orange that causes it.

Gillespie showed far more grace and character in his loss than Trump did.

However, Trump’s disgusting, weasly rollover on Gillespie was not excused by Fox News’ Brit Hume.

Tweeted Hume:


And he’s right. Everything is ALWAYS about Trump. Either you are part of the cult, or you’re an outcast. There’s no room for any other reaction.

In contrast, Hume’s Fox News colleague, and glassy-eyed Trump bootlicker, Sean Hannity, chose to act as if Virginia (and the host of other Republican losses) didn’t even happen.

After all, there are Hillary Clinton emails to chase down.

But to Hume’s point, this is the worst of Trump. The hubris, and the insatiable need for self-aggrandizing is both petty and sick.

It’s not all about him.



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