Of All the Sick Takes on the Sutherland Springs Shooting, This Is One of the WORST

It’s funny… and by “funny,” I mean completely wretched and sick… how there are some people who can’t even wait for the bodies to cool before they insert their political agendas, or just outright bad takes into the narrative over any national tragedy.


Take Michael McKean, for instance. He’s an actor who hasn’t been really worth watching since he put on a wig and spandex and spoofed heavy metal in “This is Spinal Tap.”

Otherwise, McKean must be a tiny, angry little troll, who believes he’s insulated from reality through his social media accounts.

Out of all the horrible comments floated into the public arena Sunday, following the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting, McKean’s was probably one of the more disgusting.

In an answer to a call for prayers from House Speaker Paul Ryan, McKean couldn’t help himself:


We could talk ourselves dizzy about why bad things happen and if that disproves any notion of a loving and just God.

For Christians, it is not a problem, nor a question.

We pray in the good and we pray in the bad.

Job lost his fortune, his children, and his health, and he still prayed and worshiped God.

What can’t be missed is how convenient it is for people like McKean to take shots at Christians when they’re in pain, or to push for a gun control agenda, off of their corpses, if necessary, but if you scan McKean’s Twitter page back a week ago, you won’t find a single word against those who drive trucks onto bike paths, then emerge and proclaim, “Allahu Akbar!”


You won’t hear for calls to stiffen the laws governing trucks or driving, at all.

You definitely won’t hear anything disparaging about the particular religious practices of those who drive those trucks into crowds of innocents.

What should have been a simple statement of peace and comfort, “Pray for Texas” was mocked and belittled, because people like Michael McKean are missing something at their core.

This doesn’t make you a better, bigger, or smarter person, Lenny.

It makes you pathetic.

Seek help.

(H/T to Twitchy)



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