New Trump Interview Casts a Cloud Over the Future of the State Department (VIDEO)

President Trump still doesn’t get the value of diplomacy, nor does he understand the exact role and importance of the State Department.

Speaking of the State Department, questions still linger, in regards to the relationship between Trump and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.


Trump has undercut Tillerson several very public times, not the least of which involved the delicate issue of dealing with North Korea.

News that the State Department had been in contact with Pyongyang drove the Tweeter-in-Chief straight to his phone, where he tweeted out that Tillerson should save his energy, suggesting that he preferred a more direct way of dealing with the rogue nation than diplomacy.

Not helpful.

Then there were the reports a month ago that Tillerson had become so enraged with Trump’s antics, that he’d threatened to quit, and even called the president a “f**king moron.”

Tillerson had a special press conference later to deny he was considering quitting. He didn’t deny calling the president a moron, however.

Since that time (and after multiple denials), there has been a lingering question as to if Tillerson would actually stick it out.

Trump sat down for another softball lovefest from one of his network lackeys, over at Fox News on Thursday.

Laura Ingraham is the newest addition to the Fox evening lineup, and she fits right in with the state-run propaganda arm that is Fox. She got into the topic of the state of the State Department.

Asked in an interview on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” whether the secretary of State would remain in Trump’s administration for the duration of the president’s first term in office, Trump replied that “we’ll see.”

“We’ll see. I don’t know who’s going to be [at the State Department for the] duration,” Trump said, noting that Tillerson is “doing the best he can” as the administration’s top diplomat.


“Doing the best he can” isn’t a ringing endorsement, is it?

I honestly don’t understand what Tillerson’s qualifications for the job were, to begin with, other than he was rich, which is Trump’s ultimate measure of worth (by his own admission). That being said, I trust him in his position far more than I trust Trump in his.

When asked about the lack of positions filled within the State Department, Trump blew the question off.

Why bother with a well-staffed State Department, given the threats our nation faces today, when you have the Donald?

He’s the only one that matters.

So remember that when something goes awry. If he’s the only one that matters, then he’s the only one who gets to carry the blame.


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