Hillary Clinton Is "Still Ready" to Be President, If Anyone Will Have Her

Ok. Now this is getting to the point of being kind of scary-sad.

Hillary Clinton was so obsessed with winning in 2016, so sure that it was “her turn,” that we’re approaching the one year anniversary of her loss, and she still can’t grasp just how over it is, for her.


Today’s revelation from Donna Brazile, that the Clinton’s had hijacked the DNC and were using it as a piggy bank, while starving down ballot Democrats will likely be the final nail in her coffin with other Democrats, as well. Just the fact that Brazile was willing to make it known, even to write a book about it, shows that Clinton has fallen out of favor with her base, and her husband’s name won’t be the safety net she needs, this time.

Appearing with the slavish jackal of Comedy Central, Trevor Noah, on Wednesday evening, Clinton was treated to a montage of right wing pundits, such as Fox’s Sean Hannity, referring to her as “president.”

Said Clinton:

“I’ve noticed this seems to be a theme with them, yes,” Clinton said, referring to the pundits.

“And I can only say, if they want to make that world a reality, I’m still ready.”

You’ll take it any way you can get it, at this point, won’t you?

I’ve read books and various accounts from “insiders” in the Clinton world through the years. They all paint the picture of a woman who is ruthlessly ambitious, but not quite savvy enough to pull off everything she dreams of.

She rode her much more likable and popular husband’s coattails into the public eye, used his name to gain a foothold in the political world, first as a New York senator, then as Obama’s Secretary of State.


And let’s be honest: She never would have gotten that SoS position if the Democrat party hadn’t played identity politics in 2008 – the black candidate versus the female candidate – and needed to find some way to smooth over the hurt of feminists, who felt having the first female president was more important than having the first black president. The SoS position was a consolation prize, in order to keep the party from completely fracturing.

Unfortunately, that sense of entitlement never left Hillary Clinton. It was her turn. The presidency was owed to her!

And it hasn’t left her, yet.

She’s a doddering old granny, ill-tempered and deluded. The world has moved on, but she’s forever stuck in November 7, 2016.



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