Trump Campaign Official Who Encouraged Papadopoulos Meeting with Russians Revealed

Image via George Papadopoulos's LinkedIn account

So a former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulus pleaded guilty to lying to FBI officials about his contacts with Russia-connected foreign players.


Some of the information discussed in unsealed documents are that Papadopoulus said that an unnamed “campaign supervisor” had corresponded with him, encouraging him to set up meetings with the Russians, in order to discuss U.S.-Russia relations under a Trump administration.

According to a new report, we now know the previously unnamed campaign supervisor to be Sam Clovis, Trump’s current pick to lead the USDA.

In the documents, Papadopoulus describes his meeting with a foreign professor and what turned out to be the niece of Vladimir Putin. After relaying the events to Clovis, Clovis responded, “Good work.”

Now Clovis is trying to downplay his part in Papadopoulos’ story.

Clovis’ lawyer Victoria Toensing told the Post that Clovis “always vigorously opposed any Russian trip for Donald Trump and/or the campaign” and described Clovis’ statements to Papadopoulos as him “being polite.”


Being polite?

Papadopoulos’ arrest came in July, and after a plea agreement, he’s been working with authorities.

Some have even suggested that he wore a wire to get information.

Clovis, who now serves as the White House liaison to the Department of Agriculture, is Trump’s choice to serve as the department’s chief scientist. He has been scrutinized by Democrats for his lack of credentials and is likely to face a difficult road to confirmation.

I can imagine this might make it a bit harder.

His confirmation hearing is November 9. In the meantime, he is said to be working with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.



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