Former House Speaker Boehner Tells a Tale of When Congress Was like the Wild West

Please file this one under: Strange and unusual occurrences on the Hill.

In a new, Sunday profile, Politico caught up with former House Speaker John Boehner. Remember him?


Well, if the story he told to Politico can be believed, you shouldn’t judge the man on his constant weeping. He’s apparently a baaaaaad man!

While battling earmarks, things got so heated that one representative from Alaska, Rep. Don Young, took extreme measures, out of his anger.

Boehner said that Young once pinned him against a wall in the House during an argument over earmarks, and that Young held a 10-inch knife to Boehner’s throat.

Wait. What?

Boehner responded by staring Young in the eyes and saying, “F— you.”

Dude. That’s hardcore.

Young confirmed the account as “mostly true” to Politico, but pointed out that he and Boehner later became such good friends that Boehner was the best man at his wedding.

I guess if one man is bad enough to pull a 10-inch knife and put it to your throat, and the other can still look him in the face and say, “F**k you,” then he’s kinda got to make that guy his best man, right?

This isn’t the first time Young has been reported as brandishing a knife in the House; he reportedly pulled out a knife on the House floor in 1988 when a lawmaker introduced a bill that would have restricted logging in Alaska.

Man… Those must have been the good old days, right?


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