Trump Thinks His Education Makes Him a Civil Leader

Rich kids whose daddies send them to Ivy League colleges are smarter than you. And nicer.

Don’t believe it? Just ask your president.

In an answer to Senator Jeff Flake’s blistering floor speech on Tuesday, where he announced he would not be seeking reelection, and burned down the Trump altar, in the process, President Trump rambled down one of his now-typical, nonsensical rabbit holes in defending himself.


 “You know people don’t understand, I went to an Ivy League college,” he told reporters at the White House. “I was a nice student. I did very well. I’m a very intelligent person.”

As a general rule, very intelligent people don’t feel the need to tell others that they’re very intelligent.

“I think the press creates a different image of Donald Trump than the real person,” he said.

He may be on to something.

The press is absolutely complicit in pushing this image of Trump, by printing what he says and does, giving air time to what he says and does, and reporting on things he does.

You know, his constant, schoolyard name calling of his opponents during the primary (and beyond), abusive attitude towards women, cussing and casually suggesting violence at his rallies, mocking POWs and handicapped reporters, and promoting rumors about the wives and parents of political opponents, all tend to paint a very ugly, not nice picture, if the press keeps telling people about it.

All the creditors and small businesses that were left holding the bag when he declared bankruptcy and didn’t pay them probably have another, unfair, negative image of him.

I don’t even want to know what the former Trump University students think of him.

But he went to an Ivy League school, so…

In the past several weeks, Trump has feuded with Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, claiming Corker begged him for an endorsement. Corker, who is retiring, denies it, and recently said that Trump’s inability to tell the truth was debasing the country.


Corker has previously alluded to the fact that there were more GOP lawmakers who felt as he did about the president, but weren’t stepping forward.

Flake may have been one of the ones he was talking about.

Without saying the president’s name, specifically, Flake condemned the hateful, reckless rhetoric coming from the top of our government.

It was kind of clear what he was getting at.

I don’t think the only lawmakers who are fed up with Trump’s behavior are only those who are retiring.

Trump gets to sweat it out now, knowing there are at least two GOP senators (three, if you count John McCain) with nothing left to lose.



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