Former White House Aide Declares "Black Africans" as Our Nation's "Big Issue" (VIDEO)

Dude. Wut?

Ok, if I were in the mood to be really generous with this guy, I’d write this off to his Hungarian-British upbringing. He’s been a naturalized U.S. citizen and working in this nation long enough, however, to know that’s not generally how we speak.


Specifically, I’m talking about former White House aide, Sebastian Gorka, speaking about “our big issue” in the United States.

While speaking in a televised interview earlier Tuesday, Gorka stressed that mass shootings were not our problem, but rather:

“You do not make legislation out of outliers,” he said.

“Our big issue is black African gun crime against black Africans. It is a tragedy,” he said.

Black Africans?

Gorka then referenced gun crime in Chicago.

“Go to Chicago. Go to — the city’s run by Democrats for 40 years,” he said.

“Black young men are murdering each other by the bushel. This is a social issue,” Gorka said.

Ok. First of all, he’s not wrong, in that, black-on-black violent crime statistics are staggering. Cities like Chicago, where there are stringent gun control laws, have a real problem with violence, and if those cities are Democrat-controlled, it only seems to amplify the problem.

Where he veers off is in referencing “black Africans,” and whether it was his intent or not, creating this wall of separation, “us versus them.”


They’re Americans, man.

He did go on to point out some truth.

Gorka called for people to let the police do their jobs and “rebuild those societies.”

“Legislation will not save lives,” he said.

No, it won’t, and there needs to be greater cooperation between law enforcement and the public.

That being said, before putting yourself out there like that, maybe refrain from saying things that could exacerbate tensions with a sizable portion of our nation. What you said was crass and made no sense.


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