Callous: Have You Seen the Facebook Post from the Military Widow, Defending Trump?

I’ve seen it circulating, myself, as a matter of fact.

A Facebook page post, allegedly from the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, Myeshia Johnson, began circulating on October 17, at about 3:27 pm, eastern time.


The posting slams Representative Frederica Wilson for misrepresenting the call from President Trump and using Sgt. Johnson’s death as a political platform.

The problem is, it’s a total fake.

The posting reads:

“I want to set the record straight! I’m getting sick and tired of this so called politician using my husband as a political platform,” the now-debunked post reads. 

“Even buy [sic] her own words she did not hear all of the conversation she only heard part of it. This is what actually was said. ‘They know the risk, they know what they sign up for but they still volunteer to put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans. We owe them a debt that can never be repaid.'”

Another oddity pointed out by Snopes is that the posting comes an hour before Trump actually made the call.

And while Trump and Wilson both are wrong to be continuing a tug of war over the body of a fallen soldier, I can only imagine the widow would rather be left out of it, and this does nothing to help her.


ABC News confirmed with Mrs. Johnson that the post was not made by her.

So who made the post, and why?

It’s very easy to create fake accounts on Facebook, and probably one of those things the site will have to crack down on, as they continue working to solve the problem with bots and other bad players.



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