OUCH: Bill O'Reilly's Twitter Bomb Backfires SO BAD!


Why former Fox News host and apparent professional lecher, Bill O’Reilly would deem it necessary to attack anyone, I’ll never understand, but he did, and it didn’t go well for him.


It began when O’Reilly gave a Twitter shout-out to his former network colleague and clown college graduate, Sean Hannity, to congratulate him on his ratings.

The shout-out wasn’t the problem. The problem was that he couldn’t just congratulate Hannity and move on. He had to add a dig at CNN anchor, Jake Tapper, for an absolutely unknown reason.

Yeah, the word of the day, Mr. O’Reilly, would be sagacious, as in, taking an unprovoked potshot at Jake Tapper was not the most sagacious of moves.

Tapper noted the tweet, and gave O’Reilly a quick primer in what “low” actually is.


Let’s remember, O’Reilly was part of the cleansing flush over at the toilet known as Fox News, when they began purging all the misogynists and sexual predators, beginning with former CEO, the late Roger Ailes.

Since being let go, O’Reilly has found his home on the podcast circuit.

It’s curious that he even thought to compare Tapper and Hannity. They’re not competitors, in that Hannity’s program is at 9pm each weeknight, while Tapper hosts CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” at 4pm each weekday afternoon, and “State of the Union” on Sunday mornings.

In the future, perhaps O’Reilly will be a bit more judicious in his choice of tweets.

For now, could someone offer him a bit of aloe for that sweet burn?


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