InfoWars Boss Has His Own Harrowing Tale of Sexual Abuse at the Hands of Hollywood Honchos


I don’t know why this just sounds like a parasite looking to capitalize on the current wave of horrible tales of systematic sexual abuse and degradation in the entertainment industry, but it does.


The man responsible for promoting a host of fantastical lies conspiracy theories, ranging from cannibalizing cults in our government, to child abduction camps on Mars is now claiming that he’s been the victim of sexual assault at the hands of Hollywood bigwigs, as well.

InfoWars host Alex Jones jumped the Weinstein bandwagon Friday:

“I’ve had Hollywood producers grab me by the genitals, twice, and I’ve had them pat me on the butt many other times, and that’s why, one reason, I don’t go out there,” Mr. Jones said near the start of Friday’s edition of his popular internet and radio program.

“I was just thinking about it — I had suppressed it, I had repressed it — one other Hollywood producer, three of them, grabbed my genitals,” Mr. Jones said several minutes later.

So the Weinstein scandal suddenly shook it from the recesses of your memory?

The Weinstein thing has been going on for over a week. Jones has been talking about it, without making a single reference to his own experiences, but suddenly, he’s got a vivid memory and exact detail.

“Going after the women is only secondary and only to humiliate them. It’s really about men dominating other men, and it’s not even for the gay sex. It’s an act of domination,” Mr. Jones said during Friday’s broadcast.

“I guess it’s just something they do – they really will grab you and really not kind of hurt you, but squeeze you. I guess just to see what you’re going to do,” Mr. Jones said. “It was like a weird handshake ritual of dominance to see what I’d do.”


So knowing all of this, what did you do? Who was responsible? Name names and put those scumbags on the ropes.

Jones didn’t name names.

Yes, he’s willing to specifically name Hillary Clinton and say she was part of something called “spirit cooking,” which involved eating human flesh.

He’s been so bold as to call Sandy Hook a “false flag” experiment, even as grieving parents are burying their little ones.

He named the pizza parlor and gave the location, where he claimed children were being held as part of a Democrat child sex trafficking operation.

All that, but he won’t name the Hollywood executives who sexually molested him, even as he’s giving specific details.

I’m not even saying I doubt Alex Jones has had homosexual encounters, of some type. I just doubt he has the ability to tell the truth about any of them, and this latest seems a little too convenient.



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