Speaking of Celebrity Status and Misogynistic Tendencies, Will the Left Condemn This?

I’m going to go ahead and preface this piece will full disclosure:

I absolutely LOATHE rap music!

Years ago, I had a bumper sticker that read: You can’t have crap without rap. That was the most gentle critique I could muster for my assessment of the talents required to conquer the rap “music” genre.


I’m more of a headbangin’ heavy metal freak, myself.

Worst of all is the all-too-often misogynistic, drug-and-alcohol praising, blathering monuments to violence that make up about 90% of the lyrics of rap.

Knowing that popular media is used to shape the attitudes of our youth, I can’t craft a particularly positive opinion of parents that would expose their young children to the rap culture.

It’s a symptom of decay in our society.

Ok. With that said, something that’s getting a lot of buzz on social media today is the rapper, Nelly.

Nelly, the “artist” behind such tunes as, “Country Grammar,” and “Hot in Here” has been arrested for rape. This is immediately following the Harvey Weinstein blowup, so will artists and the usual leftist shrieking crew sound off, now?

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us, a woman claims she was raped on the rapper’s tour bus — which was parked in a Walmart lot in Washington — where he’s been performing. Nelly is on a tour with Florida Georgia Line and they are set to perform Saturday night in Ridgefield, Washington.

We’re told the alleged rape occurred Saturday morning at 3:48 AM. We’re told she specifically said Nelly is the one who raped her.


The rapper was arrested on second degree rape charges this morning, then released.

It isn’t even his first brush with the law. He was arrested in Tennessee on drug charges in 2015.

I know for a fact that there is a common thread that runs through every genre, and that’s groupies. I saw a lot of it when I was very active in the metal scene. These are women who show up at the shows, scantily-clad, and are there for the purpose of enticing and getting close to the band. Quite often, they’re there to sleep with the band. They don’t even care that this won’t be a relationship, or that they may not see this person again. They just want to be able to say they slept with a band member.

Is that what happened here?

I’m not willing to gamble on that. She could have just been a star-struck fan who wanted to say she got to hang out on Nelly’s bus, but got more than she bargained for.

Either way, the rapper now has to deal with the outcome of that encounter.

Or does he? The left have a way of circling the wagons around celebrities.

TMZ also featured a video the rapper released, just hours before his arrest.

In the video, the rapper addressed his fans, while smoking what appears to be a marijuana joint, and offers 4 free tickets to the Ridgefield show to anyone who approaches him anywhere out on the street and says, “All work, no play.”


There’s another video I’m more interested in.

This was taken the same night the alleged rape occurred. The responses to this video were not kind. Some even pointed out that he’d pulled another pre-teen girl on stage and exhibited the same inappropriate behavior in another town, just nights before.

See above for my previous comments about bad parenting.


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