Chuck Schumer Takes a Victory Lap, After Trump Turns to Him for an Obamacare Reboot

Of course.

I told you last night of President Trump’s attempts to parlay his love affair with the left into a winning strategy on Obamacare.

He even boasted of it, this morning on Twitter.


He apparently has more love for liberal Democrats than Republicans. Who knew?

Ok. Anyway…

Is that deep warmth and affection returned?

According to Schumer today:

“The president wanted to make another run at repeal and replace and I told the president that’s off the table,” Schumer said in a statement on his call with Trump on Friday, news of which the president confirmed in a tweet.

“If he wants to work together to improve the existing health care system, we Democrats are open to his suggestions. A good place to start might be the Alexander-Murray negotiations that would stabilize the system and lower costs,” Schumer added.

He’s speaking of the Senate Health Committee’s efforts, led by the chairman, Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) to continue subsidies for cost-sharing for two years, as is being negotiated with Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the panel’s top Democrat.

Bipartisanship on anything in Washington is as rare as finding an actual 4-leaf clover.

You know it’s out there, but finding it is near-impossible.

For years, Republicans ran on the promise of getting rid of Obamacare, completely. Once they had the power to do so, they balked and stalled.

Meanwhile, Democrats don’t actually care if Obamacare works, or not. They’re not living with it. The plan Congress has for themselves is completely different, and there’s no way they’re going to be a part of dabbling with the crowning legislation of the sainted “first black president.”


A Democratic aide told The Hill in an email Saturday, “Particularly after the birth control decision yesterday, the administration has to stop sabotaging the law before anything real can happen.”


That entire bill was sabotage against the American people, and it’s sabotage the Democrats inflicted, and the Republicans are afraid to undo.

I’ll say it’s not President Trump’s fault that Republicans in Congress had no stomach for coming together and doing what they said they would do, then allowing the market to right itself.

Trump’s fault was in spending more time attacking Republicans and the media on Twitter than in putting together a coalition to work towards the goal of repealing that horrid legislation.

That’s still not a solid reason for a so-called Republican president to turn on his own party and give more deference to liberal Democrats.

It’s amazing. Even though on November 9, 2016 it looked like Democrats lost the election, you have to wonder if they realized then that they’d still won.



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