LISTEN: Unearthed Audio of Trump with Howard Stern Is One of the Worst Things You'll Ever Hear

I ask you to take time and consider:

What kind of man commits adultery against multiple wives, even impregnating at least one of his mistresses?

What kind of man requests that mistress get an abortion, in order to cover his tracks?


What kind of man cheats creditors and small business owners out of their rightful pay, by filing bankruptcy?

What kind of man mocks the disabled, Vietnam POWs, and pretty much anybody who isn’t him?

Probably the same man who would refuse to offer medical help to an 80 year old man, who had just fallen from a stage to a marble floor, causing a severe injury to his head.

That’s what Donald Trump describes in this unearthed audio clip of one of his appearances with shock jock Howard Stern.

Trump describes the scene, where an 80 year old patron of Mar-a-Lago took a tumble from the stage, and how Trump and other Mar-a-Lago guests reacted.

Let’s just say… it was heartless.

Listen for yourself.

This is our president, and this is just a small peek into the mind of Trump and how he views people.

Knowing this makes some of the other things he has done make an odd kind of sense.


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