Paul Ryan Describes His Reaction to Steve Scalise's Return

A babbling idiot.

That’s how House Speaker Paul Ryan described his response to the return of colleague, Steve Scalise, who has been recovering after a near-fatal attack by a gunman at an Alexandria ball field, back in June.


“I’m not a big crier, but I was just a babbling idiot,” Ryan, R-Wis., told reporters.

Ryan joined Scalise in the Speaker’s office near the House chamber, where they taped part of a CBS interview that will air Sunday evening. Ryan left the interview visibly upset.

“I just could not compose myself. I didn’t have words for it,” he said.

I can imagine.

Scalise suffered internal injuries after a crazed leftist opened fire (once he’d determined it was Republicans on the field) on those who were practicing for an upcoming charity Congressional ball game.

The annual game is a rare moment of peace and fun among partisans, and unlike most of what goes on in Congress these days, it actually accomplishes something.

Sixty-six year old James T. Hodgkinson was killed by authorities that day, but not before he injured six people.

Scalise is still dealing with the effects of his injuries, but he’s back.


House Speaker Ryan spoke of the very real fear of Scalise succumbing to his injuries.

“We were there when he was basically in a coma, he couldn’t talk,” said Ryan, who spent time with Scalise at the hospital. “When he came off that helicopter it was very, very, very dire. For a couple of days we really thought we had a real chance of losing him.”

“Where he has come from, from there to here, it really is miraculous,” Ryan said. “It’s just amazing, just to see him in there. Sitting and standing, with a suit on, just amazing. It was really something. I don’t really have words other than relief, and thanks to that end.”




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