Jared Kushner Gets Pinched by Senate Intel for Keeping Private Email Account From Them

I know some of you guys don’t believe this is a big deal, and you really want it to go away, but it’s not.

AND, since I’ve decided to ride every possible avenue of this Russia probe, yeah, I’m talking about it.


So, the Kushner clan’s recently discovered private email account/domain has turned into something more than just a place where they share funny cat videos, banana nut bread recipes, and the occasional White House business emails.

It’s at least concerning enough that Senate Intel wants the details, now that they know a Kushner private email/domain thing exists, because, apparently, when Jared Kushner met with the Senate Intelligence Committee last month, he didn’t bother to bring it up.

The two leaders of the committee, Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), sent Kushner a letter via his attorney Thursday, calling on him to check that the documents he turned over to the committee included those from the personal email address.

“The Committee was concerned to learn of this additional email account from the news media, rather than from you, in your closed staff interview,” Burr and Warner wrote.

“Please confirm that the document production that you made to the committee…included the additional ‘personal email account’ described to the news media, as well as all other email accounts messaging apps, or similar communications channels you may have used.”


Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell went on to explain that they didn’t feel there was anything included in the private email account that would be of a concern to the committee.

Lowell told CNN that the committee was informed about the existence of the account when Kushner spoke with them.

“We did review this account at the time and there were no responsive or relevant documents there. The committee was so informed when documents were produced and there is no issue here,” he told CNN.

Well, caution should have prompted you to toss it all in there, lest there be any questions raised later.

As it is, Senate Intel wasn’t even told the account existed, and that’s a problem.


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