Trump Family Values: Older Trump Kids Wanted Half Sister out of Family Inheritance (Audio)

During the primaries, Ted Cruz referenced Donald Trump in a way that caused quite the stir among some Trump supporters, as well as the people of New York City – New York values.


The suggestion was that New York City values look something less like the values of the average American citizen, and more – sleazy.

Cruz may have had the essence of truth there, but he didn’t quite hit the target.

It’s not so much New York City values, but Trump family values that are skanky.

Newsweek apparently got their hands on archived recordings of a Trump appearance with shock jock Howard Stern, from December 2005.

In the audio, Trump tells how the older Trump children, from his first marriage – Donald Trump Jr., Eric, and Ivanka – attempted to cut Tiffany Trump out of the Trump inheritance.

Tiffany Trump is the child that resulted from Trump’s extramarital affair with Marla Maples. He eventually divorced his first wife, Ivana, and married Maples, after she refused to abort Tiffany.

In the audio, which can be heard here, Trump begins by talking about a rich “friend,” whose children hate whenever a new child comes into the picture, because it means less inheritance.

“I have a friend who is also like a very rich guy,” Trump said to Stern, according to the tapes. “And he said how his children hate the new children coming along and everything else; I said, ‘Yeah, because every time you have a child, it’s 20 percent less to the people [Inaudible].’”

Stern went on to ask if Trump’s older children were trying to “bump off” Tiffany.

“Is there any truth to that? [Inaudible] Tiffany?” Stern asked. Trump said he had great children and evaded the question until Stern asked again: “Tell me the truth, though.”

“Yes,” Trump said.


So what inheritance are they scheming and backstabbing over?

If Tiffany doesn’t lose her inheritance, Donald Trump said she and the rest of the Trumps would receive at least Trump Online University and Trump Ice, according to the tapes. After multiple lawsuits, Trump University is now defunct. Trump Ice, a bottled-water brand with Trump’s face taped across the bottle, is still in business.

As for the Trump hotel and casino dynasty, I’m guessing that if the tax returns are ever revealed, you’ll find he’s in debt to a lot of foreign banks, so maybe Tiffany had better plan on making her own money.

By most accounts, it would seem Tiffany Trump has gotten used to being “the other Trump kid.” She was raised in California with her mom after her parents divorced.

She may be the normal one.

She’s certainly not the respected one, at least, by her dad.

She’s the one, who while still a baby, Trump remarked on camera about her potential breast size. Because he can’t control his vulgar impulses, even when it comes to his own infant daughter.

And if you’re one of those whose immediate reaction is to shield Trump with the, “People can change!” claptrap, Trump said this about his youngest daughter on Election Day:


“I’m very proud, because Don and Eric and Ivanka and—you know, to a lesser extent ’cause she just got out of school, out of college—but, uh, Tiffany, who has also been so terrific. They work so hard,” he told Fox News.

To a lesser extent? So she has to prove herself to her dad to earn his respect?

I really feel bad for young Barron Trump. He’s a babe among mercenary wolves.


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