WATCH: Puffed up Trump Suggests Parade to Show off Our Military Might

President Trump still can’t quite get it through his head that he’s the president of a Constitutional Republic, not a Stalinesque tin-pot dictatorship.

Just before his inauguration in January, he apparently hoped to kick off the celebration of his election with a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, complete with tanks, missile launchers, and military aircraft flying overhead.

Yeah. We don’t really do that here. Too many shades of Red Square.

That moment was quickly swallowed up by the rolling litany of Trump gaffes, and outrages, that have dogged him almost daily since he took office.

Today, however, it appears that eight months into office and everything he’s dealt with since inauguration has done little to quell the imperial desires of President Trump.

On Monday, Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Among other events, he met with world leaders and spoke with the press.

While sitting with France’s President Macron, Trump couldn’t contain himself from just being Trump.

While commending an event in France, Trump said, “We’re actually thinking about, fourth of July, Pennsylvania Avenue, having a really great parade to show our military strength.”

He went on to tout the $700 billion being spent on defense in the country, and that he’d be speaking with John Kelly about making those arrangements.

It’s just a bad idea, with bad optics, which makes it the Trumpiest thing in all of Trumpland.

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