Ann Coulter Is a Woman Scorned - Lashes out at Trump Again

My goodness! If I didn’t know better, I’d say Ann Coulter has not only abandoned the Trump train at the last stop, but she’s on a vendetta!

On Saturday, I told you how she defended CNN host and chef Anthony Bourdain, when he made a casual joke about poisoning President Trump with hemlock.


I’m going to say that if Bourdain had made that same joke on January 21, Coulter would have hit the chef with a month’s worth of snarky tweets and at least one strongly worded article.

As it is, Bourdain’s joke came after Trump joined Team Schumer/Pelosi and announced his new found compassion for “Dreamers.”

This is where everybody points and laughs at Coulter, for drinking so deeply of the orange Kool-Aid, in the first place.

Well, on Sunday afternoon, Coulter hit Trump again, as if the full weight of this elaborate ruse of Trump-as-Republican is hitting her.

Her focus today was Goldman Sachs, and just how comfy Trump is with not just not draining the swamp, but filling it up to capacity level.


She further compared him to former President George W. Bush:

I’m going to have to start following Coulter’s Twitter feed.

As Trump continues to pivot left, her breakdown is going to become more and more glorious.

Too bad she didn’t have the integrity to listen to those of us who tried to warn her (and others like her) early on.


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