You Can Call House Speaker Paul Ryan the Road Warrior

Scream and rail about the Mitch McConnell/Paul Ryan establishment wing of the GOP, all you want, but Paul Ryan is on the ground and raking in the greenbacks to keep the party moving forward.


While Trump tweets, Paul Ryan is on the ground, making the policy stops, hosting the fundraisers, and pushing for tax reform.

In August, he doubled the previous month’s total, and gave the National Republican Congressional Committee $2 million.

According to a new report in the Washington Examiner, he’s got real road game.

To date, he’s visited 28 states, along with 56 cities for fundraising efforts for himself, as well as House members.

That includes time spent on the road during recesses, while taking weekends off for family.

“Paul Ryan is focused on getting things done and supporting his House Republican colleagues,” said Kevin Seifert, Ryan’s political advisor and executive director of Team Ryan. “He appreciates the continued support he has received in both these endeavors and will continue to do whatever it takes to move our country forward,” he added.

The focus for Ryan is in keeping the GOP competitive for what is shaping up to be an ugly 2018 midterm.

Seriously, when the head of the party, the president, is more interested in primarying incumbents, attacking his Republican colleagues, and then pulling off side deals with the top liberal Democrats that totally betray his base, somebody has to be the adult.


Among Ryan’s efforts so far, this year:

  •  Ryan’s political entities sent $2 million to the NRCC in August.
  • Over eight months, he has raised for or transferred to, the NRCC over $29 million.
  • $25.3 million to NRCC came in direct cash transfers.
  • $3.95 million more was raised from Ryan signed mail and emails.
  • Ryan has checks to 167 members’ campaign accounts totaling $1.541 million. The funds came from Prosperity Action PAC and Ryan for Congress.
  • He has appeared as a “special guest” at 34 events for members, bringing in $4.12 million in contributions for them.

Not a bad haul for a swamp creature. At least his head is in the game.


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