Could Gary Cohn Be The Next To Be Kicked Off Of Trump Island?

The murmurings have been going on, ever since White House economic adviser Gary Cohn spoke out against Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville, and even suggested he’d considered walking away.


Now, while there’s no firm proof, the rumors seem to be intensifying, that Cohn’s days with the Trump administration are short.

The talk seems to have become more insistent over the past 24-hours.

From Reuters:

The recent concerns stem from a report in the Wall Street Journal – confirmed by other news media, including Reuters – that Cohn was unlikely to be nominated by Trump as a potential successor to Fed Chair Janet Yellen.

Trump had mentioned Cohn in July for the job. Cohn resigned as president of Goldman Sachs to join the new administration.

“The calculus has shifted for Gary. He’s gone, essentially, from untouchable to possibly being bounced out,” the source said. “The message is clear that suddenly Cohn’s job in the White House has real downside risk.”

Cohn apparently has no plans to walk away, and instead, prefers to continue work on tax reform. He may, however, find himself in the same uncomfortable position many before him have endured.

One source close to the White House said Trump wanted to fire Cohn. “Hates him. But that could be ephemeral,” the source said.


And he hates him because of his remarks about Charlottesville.

To be clear, Cohn did not condemn President Trump with his remarks, but he did express discomfort and disappointment with how and what Trump said.

This goes back to that demand for total loyalty Trump requires, as he is incapable of conducting himself as a reasonable adult.

Said one White House official:

“Gary is focused on his responsibilities as the director of the National Economic Council, including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to deliver meaningful tax reform that creates jobs and grows the economy,” the official said.

Cohn said in a CNBC interview last week he had a “great relationship” with Trump and the two were working well together.

And all of that may be true, but if Cohn leaves abruptly in the next week or so, you know why.



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