In One Tweet, Trump Signals To The World That His Shift Is Here

Let’s recap: On Tuesday, President Trump rolled on his base by appearing to suspend DACA, but actually kicking the can down the road and giving Congress six months to make the program legal, before he revisits it.


On Wednesday, he further rolled by jumping into bed with liberal Democrats, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (he embraced Schumer, afterwards). He took their debt ceiling deal without even attempting to work out a better term. So much for his fabled “deal making” skills. No wonder the man has multiple bankruptcies, failed marriages, and has left a long line of small businessmen and creditors hanging.

As Joe Cunningham pointed out earlier, however, as long as he stabbed House Speaker Paul Ryan in the back, angered the so-called “Establishment,” then it doesn’t matter that he’s basically dropped the act and the not-so-well-hidden Democrat lurking beneath the exterior of a Republican is now laid bare for the world to see.

On Thursday morning, Trump, apparently feeling loose and comfortable, seeing that no matter what he does, or how he turns on his base, like battered wives, they’ll still find a way to say, “He didn’t mean it,” or “It’s for my own good,” signaled further to liberal groups that the ruse is over.

Trump’s morning tweet:


Nothing. To. Worry. About. NO action.

Trump’s move, of course, is still very confusing for Democrats.

Democratic leaders called Mr. Trump’s decision “cowardly” and “brainless,” while activists and even some rank-and-file Democrats in Congress have said it was racist to refuse to defend the legally questionable program in a lengthy court battle.

Some Democrats, though, have also said the president’s move could be the prod Congress needed to take action on granting Dreamers official legal status.

During the six-month phaseout, all DACA recipients will be protected, and those whose two-year permits are slated to expire by March 5 can apply for another two-year period.

For Trump’s loyalists, this is 63rd dimensional chess, of course.

For those who have endlessly warned that Trump was no conservative, was a Republican of convenience, and that he would betray his base, his party, and the country, we’re not surprised, at all.


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