Some Aides Concerned That Trump May Not Understand What Was Happening With DACA Today

So it is done. Sort of.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made the announcement that the “Dreamers” program, as pushed by the Obama administration by executive order, is to be rescinded. There will be no more new applications accepted, as of today.


The move, at least by appearances, fulfills a campaign promise made by President Trump, which could have been handled on the first day of his presidency, to be honest. And it isn’t an immediate end, per se. They’re calling it a “phase out.”

Of course, even now, he’s passing the buck, by tagging today’s decision with a six month extension, in order to allow Congress to work out the particulars.

And as it is with anything regarding Trump and policy, those around him are holding their breath, afraid that the president didn’t understand what it was he was signing off on.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that administration officials privately raised concerns as late as one hour before the announcement about Trump’s understanding of the effects of rescinding DACA.

Officials worried that when Trump realized the full details of the decision on DACA, he might change his mind, according to the report.


In today’s announcement, Sessions mentioned the circumvention of our immigration laws by former President Obama, as well as the surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the border, and the ensuing humanitarian crisis.

He wasn’t wrong.

For those who are considered to be “Dreamers,” however, they’ll be able to renew their 2-year period of legal status until October 5. Now, Congress must act, or by March those “Dreamers” could face deportation to countries they’ve never lived in.

And we can expect months of wrangling, media spin from both sides of the aisle, and a president who stands off to the sidelines, content that he’s done his part.



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