GOP Lawmakers Shouldn't Be Encouraging The Decline Of Qualified Leadership

People of Wisconsin, I’m so sorry.

Apparently, one slipped through the cracks and there’s a real nut haunting the halls of Congress, and he’s there representing your state.


Specifically, I’m speaking of Rep. Sean Duffy, who gave a shout out to Kid Rock on Twitter Friday evening.

I get that the general public has been dumbed down to accept total incompetence as qualifications for higher office, as long as it annoys the “other side,” but for elected officials to actively cheer on the furtherance of this swift rush to the bottom is inexcusable.

Kid Rock, or Robert Ritchie, if you care about things other than stage personas and celebrity, is toying with the idea of challenging Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow, in Michigan.

As best as anyone can tell, his only “qualifications” for the job are being a rabid Trump supporter, and songs with titles like, “Only God Knows Why” and “You Never Met a MotherF***er Quite Like Me.” You know, because those thoughts totally go together in this new celebration of our decline.

And yes, I’ve absolutely heard the arguments of how tired the American voter is of politicians. Newsflash: When they run for office, they become a politician, so you’re not going to get rid of politicians without anarchy.


I don’t know about you, but I’m in no rush to see the nation become some real world scene out of “The Road Warrior.” We’re already a toe-touch away from “Idiocracy.”

Personally, I’d like to see new rules implemented for anyone seeking to run for public office from the state level, up.

First, they must have some experience in some office at the community level, whether it’s serving on the local school board, city council, or as mayor. Without that experience on the community level, they don’t move up to anything on the state level, and certainly nothing on the federal level.

Next, a thorough physical and psychological evaluation. Self-explanatory, and necessary, I believe.

Finally, they must pass a basic Civics exam, in order to assure they have an idea what they’re taking on.

Do those three things and it will weed out celebrities using higher office to pump up their brand, and we might just be able to keep our nation afloat.


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