New Poll Suggests Trump's Act Is Wearing Thin With Average Americans

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A new Pew Research Center poll suggests that Trump needs to get his act together and learn to act like a he’s got some sense about him.

Only 16 percent of those Americans polled approve of how Trump behaves, while another 58 percent are turned off by his antics. A quarter of respondents have mixed feelings about his behavior.


He doesn’t even have full support of Republicans, any more.

About one-third of Republicans, 34 percent, say they like the way Trump conducts himself and 46 percent have mixed feelings about his conduct.

Predictably, a large number of Democrats – 89 percent – dislike the way Trump acts as president.

Who knew daily Twitter rants, insults against others, and petty vendettas from a man who holds the highest office in the land could lead to such a negative perception?

The survey also finds that just 15 percent of Americans say they agree with Trump on all or nearly all of the issues facing the country today. Another 18 percent agree with the president on many, but not all issues.

In other words, the MAGA crowd are not as all-powerful at this juncture as they would have us believe. Maybe all those pro-Trump accounts on social media really are bots.

Nearly half of respondents, 45 percent, agree with Trump on “no or almost no” issues and 21 percent agree with the president on a few issues.


When you break it down partisan lines, 31 percent of Republicans agree with Trump on all, or nearly all issues, and 77 percent of Democrats agree with him on no, or almost no issues.

Some of these numbers may have to do with Trump’s disastrous response to Charlottesville.

The poll was conducted after Charlottesville, from August 15 to August 21. With 1,893 adult respondents, it has a 2.6 percent margin of error.


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