Kellyanne Conway Can Barely Contain Her Hypocrisy

The high priestess of the absurd, Kellyanne Conway set about today to show the hypocrisy of the Trump administration. In particular, she slams CNN in a tweet, pointing out the video of the mother losing her mind about being interviewed during a time of need.


For those that missed it, Andrea Ruth covered it here.

I can get the mom with her kids, displaced, in a shelter, is under stress. She agreed to the interview, but maybe she just really had something she needed to say.

For her part, Conway was almost gleeful in joining in the condemnation of CNN for doing what reporters do: Get into the middle of the chaos and do on the spot, in the moment reporting, attempting to capture the emotion for peak ratings appeal.

However, it should be universal condemnation. CNN are not ghouls. At least, they’re no more ghouls than, say, Trump’s campaign headquarters, Fox News.

Conway appeared on Fox News’ “Special Report” with Bret Baier.

“We want to thank the media for really connecting people with the information they need,” Kellyanne Conway told Bret Baier on Fox News’ “Special Report,” on Tuesday.

Conway also praised the network for its coverage of “neighbor to neighbor, stranger to stranger rescues.


Oh… and shortly after the tweet that slammed CNN for doing their job, Conway praises Fox for doing the same thing.

Almost 20 minutes afterward, Conway retweeted a “beautiful” Fox News story about a mother who was grateful for being rescued from the high Houston flood waters by first responders.

The Fox reporter, who interviews the mother about while she sits in a rescue boat, similarly holds a microphone to a woman as she is being saved from the dangerous flood waters that filled her house.

So what’s the difference?

1 – The attitude of the displaced mothers.

2 – Which network is doing the interviewing: CNN or Trump’s sycophantic, state-run media outlet, Fox News?

I promise you, Conway doesn’t even realize she’s being a hypocrite.


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