Seb Gorka Left the White House Mad, and He's Trashing EVERYBODY

Seb Gorka left the White House mad, apparently.

Gorka was the latest ouster from the Good Ship Lolli-Trump, and he sat with Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show” to vent, on Monday.


Gorka’s claim is that he wasn’t forced off the island, but rather, his sensibilities were assailed, when President Trump failed to mention radical Islamic terrorism in his Afghanistan speech.

Outraged and appalled by the oversight, he just couldn’t bear to stay, any longer.

“The fact is I knew after the Afghan speech that the anti-MAGA [Make America Great Again] forces were in ascendance,” Gorka said.

As if they weren’t in control, from the beginning.

“Not one mention of radical Islam in that speech that was written from the president. So last week I emailed General Kelly, I said I wanted to meet with him today on Monday because I will be resigning effective Friday, last Friday. I spoke to him on the telephone on Friday and said that I am resigning today and I reinforced that with an email.

“That’s how it happened because I realized I work for Steve Bannon, he’s gone and the wrong people are at the helm of policy issues,” Gorka said. “We will right that ship from the outside but for the time being the best I can do is to be effective as a private citizen.”

That’s not how I heard it, Seb.

Early reports of Gorka’s ouster suggest he tried to get past the Great Wall of Kelly to see Trump and was told “No.” That’s the story of White House staff, at least.

Both Gorka and Bannon will be doing their thing back at Breitbart.

In the meantime, Gorka wasn’t finished there. He also took a shot at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and his lack of credentials.


“I’m a bit puzzled,” Gorka said.

“I don’t expect counterterrorism expertise from a former oil industry mogul, but to say that the president’s speech on Afghanistan shouldn’t be about radical Islamic terrorism, it should be about all forms of terrorism,” Gorka said.

“Brian, I would like to hear the secretary tell me about all the animal rights terrorists or the white supremacists terrorists that are coming out of the Hindu Kush or Tora Bora. I’m a little bit confused by what he said because it doesn’t make any sense.”

He’s sniping over Tillerson’s weekend comments about Trump’s “wider” recognition of terrorism coming from many organizations.

Gorka wasn’t done.

In a later Monday interview with the Jerusalem Post, he was sure to get a shot in at national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

Also on Monday, Gorka criticized national security adviser H.R. McMaster in an interview with the Jerusalem Post, saying McMaster has a liberal worldview on the threat posed by radical Islamic extremists.

McMaster “sees the threat of Islam through an Obama administration lens, meaning that religion has nothing to do with the war we are in,” Gorka said.

“He believes — and he told me in his office — that all of these people are just criminals,” Gorka said. “That is simply wrong.”

I can agree with that. The allah ahkbar crowd can’t be compared to some guy that cheats on his taxes or even robs a bank.

I’d like to think McMaster, being a military man, might have a more firm grip on the severity of the issue than Gorka is giving him credit for.


The miffed former adviser went on to slam the GOP, and warned them that they had won nothing in 2016.

“There is a broader issue here a really serious one,” he said. “The GOP thinks they won the election on Nov. 8 and they are very, very mistaken in that.

Donald Trump may have been the formal Republican candidate, but he wasn’t the establishment’s candidate,” Gorka said. “He wiped the floor with all the establishment candidates who never took him seriously. … If the GOP thinks they won the election they will be sorely disappointed and they will pay the price come the next election.”

It’s obvious Gorka is of a superior intellect.

Please, by all means, you and your alt-right Breitbart minions bring out the long knives and hand over the majority in the House and Senate to Democrats. That’ll teach those “establishment” Republicans a lesson!

Articles of impeachment will be drafted within an hour after the votes on election night are confirmed, but really, you do you, Seb. You do you.





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