Liberty U President Trotted Out to Defend Trump, in Absence of GOP Lawmakers Willing To Do It

Of course.

President Trump is having trouble finding Republican lawmakers to defend his statements following the tragedy in Charlottesville, so he’s had to delve into the ranks of his clingers.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. was trotted out on “Fox and Friends” first thing Monday morning, in order to explain to America how referring to white nationalists and neo-Nazis as “fine people” is totally not racist sympathizing.

Trump, of course, was watching, in order to get his daily requirement of ego-stroking by compliant sycophants.

Said Falwell:

“President Donald Trump does not have a racist bone in his body,” Falwell said Monday morning on “Fox and Friends.” “I know him well. He loves all people; he’s worked so hard to help minorities in the inner cities.”

And that is relevant to Charlottesville and his defense of the “Unite the Right” crowd of racists… how?

Trump quickly tweeted out his approval.

Falwell also did the Sunday morning talk show rounds, doing his duty as a loyal servant of the crown.

Before his appearance on ABC News “This Week,” host Martha Raddatz said that “when we asked the White House for an official who could appear on this program today to speak on behalf of the president, they pointed us” to Falwell.

Falwell’s continued defense of the indefensible is putting the reputation of Liberty University in jeopardy, with some alumni even planning to return their diplomas, in protest.

It’s clear Falwell is working for his own access to power, and equally clear the president requires a slavish group of toadies to exist.

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