First Evangelical Leader Knocks the Dust From His Feet, Walks Away From Trump's Advisory Board

So p***y-grabbing, claiming no need for God’s forgiveness, and abusiveness to others wouldn’t do it, but Nazis… that may be too much.

One of the members of Trump’s laughably untapped Evangelical Advisory Board has knocked the dust off his feet and decided to walk away, lest the stench of the latest controversy become too thick to wash off.


Rev. A.R. Bernard, who leads the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, said in a statement that he had “quietly stepped away” from the panel several months ago, but submitted his formal resignation on Tuesday.

Business leaders have already began to back away from Trump’s economic councils, causing him to disband the council.

Also, members of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities announced in a letter on Friday that they would be walking away, as well.

It’s not clear if Bernard was walking away because of Trump’s comments on white nationalists, or not, but in his statement, he cited a “deepening conflict in values.”


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