While Trump Rages at His Own Party, One Senator Calmly Takes Him To Task

So first thing this morning, President Trump took aim at some of his critics within his own party.

I told you about his hit on Jeff Flake, and Joe Cunningham brought you his Twitter diatribe against South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.


Senator Graham has apparently learned the game, now. These issues can no longer be hashed out on Capitol Hill or in committee meetings. This is 2017 and the year of Trump. Everything must go to social media.

Graham, far from being anyone I look up to as the gold standard of conservatism, actually gives a calm, reasoned response to Trump’s earlier rage-fest against him.


Notice that there were no insults, and he even took time to point out to Trump what he did right.

This was the advice of someone who is more in control of his emotions and operates with thoughtfulness, not petulance.

What Trump is doing isn’t just hurting himself. He’s tainting the image of the entire GOP, so more had better step up.


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