Hate in Our Communities: New Report Lists Astonishing Amount of Active Hate Groups, Per State

White nationalist demonstrators walk through town after their rally was declared illegal near Lee Park in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

If you’ve checked CNN’s website today, they’ve really jumped on this new awareness of the hate movement that was brought forward with sickening focus on Charlottesville through the past weekend, with a new report.


The report is actually a listing of what have been deemed “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center and their Hatewatch project.

According to the list compiled by the SPLC, there are 917 active hate groups currently operating in the United States. The CNN report gives each state and lists the exact groups they have in operation.

The list is also broken down into a helpful pie chart, to show the exact number of what manner of “hate” is represented.

For example, the largest, single grouping of hate in the U.S. belongs in the category of black separatists, with 193 associated groups. These would be groups like the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, who feel there is a need to keep the races separate, oppose interracial marriage, and promote the belief of forming a separate nation and government, specifically for the black race.

They’re followed by the Ku Klux Klan, with 130 groups, Anti-Muslim groups numbering 101, something listed as “General Hate,” with 100 groups, White Nationalists with 100 groups, Neo-Nazis with 99, Racist Skinheads with 78, Anti-LGBT with 52, Neo-Confederates with 43, and Christian Identity with 21 groups.


Let me be clear: Christian Identity has nothing to do with Christianity, but is a corrupted version of a belief that claims the Aryan race are the true descendants of Abraham.

So how is the list compiled?

“Over the course of a year, we have a team of investigators that scours the internet for racist publications and real world activities to find out which groups exist, which groups are still active and which groups come along,” said Ryan Lenz, a senior investigative reporter for the SPLC’s Hatewatch project.

And here’s where the word of warning comes in: SPLC doesn’t leave a lot of room for simple differences of opinion or traditional morality. When you follow their list, while some is quite helpful, you have to keep in mind that they tend to lean left.

That’s not an issue when they’re calling out black separatists, white nationalists, or the KKK, whose purpose should be abhorrent to all good people.

If you have expressed support for traditional marriage or any [actual] Christian beliefs, you may find yourself on their list of “hate” groups.

For instance, the American Family Association (AFA) is listed as an active hate group, due to their stance for traditional marriage and against the LGBT agenda.


Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council is listed for the very same reason.

Also, the Liberty Counsel, a group formed by Mat Staver a former dean with Liberty University School of Law, which offers legal advice, organization, and even pro bono work in religious liberties cases is listed as an active “hate group.”

Because, after all, the fight for religious liberties is so obviously rooted in hate.

Or not.

Take the list with the grain of salt it requires. There are legitimate hate groups listed, which are dangerous and counterproductive to a peaceful society. I can see the good in having this information and being on guard in our communities against their influence.

Then there is the ridiculousness of the SPLC that they couldn’t help but sneak in there.



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