Robert Mueller Now Looking To Former And Current Administration Officials In Russia Probe

Let’s take a break from the sad, horrible, ugliness of the Charlottesville tragedy and discuss something familiar: the ongoing special investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.


Robert Mueller’s investigation is now seeking to speak with former and current Trump administration officials, including the recently ousted Reince Priebus.

Mueller is asking for records including details of specific meetings with administration and campaign officials, and any related documents such as transcripts. The meetings he’s asking about include those related to President Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey, according to the report.

Priebus would likely know a number of specifics about all meetings in the White House.

This is where Priebus’ loyalty is tested, no?

As former chief of staff, it was Priebus’ job to have some knowledge of who was meeting who, as well as the particulars of when and where. Trump has bucked any request to view the visitors log into the White House (so far), but Priebus should be of some help.


Mueller’s interest in Trump’s senior advisers, especially those who have revealed meetings with Russian officials during the campaign, was expected. However, it is further indication that his probe is expansive and becoming more intense.

Ty Cobb, a special counsel to the president, told the paper the White House would “continue to fully cooperate” with Mueller’s investigation.

That’s good to hear. Maybe turn over the visitors log, just to fast forward this particular part of the investigation?


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