Plenty of Hate, Unrest, and Subhuman Behavior on the Ground in Charlottesville ON BOTH SIDES

You’ve got chaos. You’ve got violence.

And then you’ve got the white-hot mess that is David Duke.

While Charlottesville, Virginia has been put under a state of emergency by Governor Terry McAuliffe, due to the violence that broke out between the white nationalists and counter-protesters at the “Unite the Right” rally, Duke was more than willing to give his remarks as to what the rally represented.


And it gets worse.

Kudos to the president for condemning the violence and the hate.

To be perfectly fair, there were enough raging idiots on both sides today, with the police officers there to try and restore peace being the only “good guys.” The counter-protesters were pretty much slithering along on the same level as the white nationalists.

Need proof?

Would it be too much to ask to have had a net dropped over the whole lot and have them dragged away?

Neither side represented the better angels of our nature.


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