Take Heart, Mooch Fans! Ousted Comms Director to Hold Online Event

Get ready, all you Mooch fans!

Because he has no intention on just going away, slithering back under whatever rock he was brought from, in the first place.

The man who holds the distinction of being the shortest serving White House communications director in our history (less than 2 weeks), due to his obnoxious, vulgar outbursts, feels that after taking nearly a week off from the shock of losing him, his public deserves a treat.

According to a report from CNN, Anthony Scaramucci will be hosting on online event on Friday.

Scaramucci said this daytime event — which will be broadcast on various live platforms with help from former Fox News co-president Bill Shine — will give him the opportunity to reach and communicate with the President’s base.

Although his time as communications director was notably short, Scaramucci told CNN he only anticipated being in the position six to nine months. Scaramucci said he was brought into the White House as a “special purpose vehicle” to disrupt the culture of leaking and counterproductive infighting.

On Wednesday, CNN obtained an internal memo that detailed his other goals, which included things like trying to improve press relations and create more content from within the White House.

In true, Trumpian fashion, Scaramucci is painting himself as a victim, here.

For starters, it’s not that what he said about his co-workers was wrong. It’s that he didn’t realize that when he told a reporter that he wasn’t like Steve Bannon, trying to suck his own c**k, that it would be on the record.

Reporter’s fault.

He’s also suggested that he was a target of both Democrats and Republicans, and that it has nothing to do with him.

I’m sure we’re going to hear all about it on Friday, and I’ll be watching.

I love a good train wreck, every now and again.

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