What Are "Race Traders"? Ask Trump's USDA Pick

Yes. Let’s put this guy in charge of something.

Sam Clovis, President Trump’s pick to step in as chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture (USDA) has some ‘splaining to do.


It seems some poking about the archives of a website associated with his former radio program, “Impact with Clovis” has uncovered a controversial blog post from 2011.

The Iowa native’s post read:

“The current crop of candidates needs to get that titanium spine we keep hearing about and call out the progressives for what they are – liars, race traders, and race ‘traitors,’” Clovis wrote.

“They cannot tell the truth, mostly because they lack moral certitude, they cannot possibly reveal the fundamental fact that it is the progressives in America that are the real racists,” he continued.

My immediate reaction is, what are race traders?

And I get what race “traitors” are, but why use the two terms together?

Usually when you see somebody online say “race trader,” it’s because they’re ignorant and don’t realize the word is “traitor,” not “trader.” This just makes it seem like he wasn’t sure, so he decided to use both offensive terms.


While Clovis has declined to comment, the USDA has defended him.

“Dr. Clovis is a proud conservative and a proud American. All of his reporting either on the air or in writing over the course of his career has been based on solid research and data. He is after all an academic,” a USDA spokesperson told CNN.

The man is using terms like “race trader” and “race traitor” in some bizarre rant against liberals that makes no sense, at all. I wouldn’t call him an intellectual.

It’s not likely this will make a big splash, mainly because so few even know who Sam Clovis is. He tried desperately to have a real career in talk radio and outside of Iowa, nobody cared.


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