The Mooch Didn't Just Get Fired - He was ESCORTED OFF THE PROPERTY

You sow humiliation and turmoil, then humiliation and turmoil you should reap.

How does it feel, Mooch?

You’re all probably caught up with the latest bit of shuffling within the Trump White House. We really were overdue, after all. It’s only been four days since the last bit of controversy.


Anthony Scaramucci, the walking canker sore brought in less than two weeks ago to be the new White House communications director is now the former White House communications director.

He didn’t even have time to unpack his boxes, which, I guess is a good thing, because it should have taken less time to repack and get out.

Scaramucci was actually brought in to be house entertainment for the petulant man-baby president, who wanted a crude New York thug, like himself, to root out leakers, and specifically, to get into mud-slinging with Reince Priebus.

The Mooch immediately blew things up with a Trump-y tweet fest, accusing Priebus of being the source of White House leaks.

It was his gutter-level New Yorker piece that really topped things off, and Priebus’ failure to call up Ryan Lizza and fling poo back resulted in Priebus’ ouster last Thursday.

Almost immediately, Trump announced he would be moving John Kelly from his post as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to the position of chief of staff – a job Scaramucci apparently thought was his (since he came in acting like a chief of staff, to begin with).

The sweet justice was having Scaramucci announce that staff would have to go through him first, only to have Kelly come in on Friday and say the same thing.

And he apparently meant it. Kelly was sworn in as chief of staff this morning, and by this afternoon, the Mooch was out.

Not only was he out, but he was escorted out, like somebody caught stealing office supplies or fudging on their time sheets.


From Mediaite:

Anthony Scaramucci‘s ouster from Trump Administration might have been a messy affair for the White House, based on a report from CNN’s Jeff Zelany about the now-former Communications Director’s was led away from the president’s mansion.

Zeleny was on with Brooke Baldwin to discuss the reports saying Chief of Staff John Kelly removed Scaramucci from his post over his lack of “discipline.” During his report, Zeleny said Scaramucci was “essentially escorted off the White House property earlier this afternoon.”

Lack of discipline. Lack of class. Lack of experience.

I can only imagine what Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus are thinking today. There has to be some feeling of vindication.

Spicer resigned on the same day Scaramucci was hired, objecting to an inexperienced Wall Street guy taking over as communications director.

And in today’s “Life comes at you fast” moment:

Just desserts.


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