Drudge Throwing Some Shade at Trump?

Matt Drudge and his site, the Drudge Report could have very well been called the Trump Report since Trump entered the race for the presidency in 2015.

Drudge can be counted among some of the more once-reliably conservative outlets to jump the Trump train early, intent to ride it straight over the cliff.


Now it seems as if Drudge may be growing a bit frustrated with his champion.

Matt Drudge tweeted out an old Daily News cover this morning, and for all the world, he appeared to be taking a swipe at the president.

So what’s the problem?

Drudge has been a top supporter of Trump during his campaign and the first few months of his administration, but sources told CNN that Drudge is starting to grow frustrated with Trump for not following through with his campaign promises.

A Trump official told CNN that the conservative media magnate is at the White House “all the time,” often visiting Trump, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

It’s not real love until he has you over to Mar-a-Lago, Matt.

I still marvel at those who are shocked that all the campaign trail bluster was just that – bluster – from someone who has lied and cheated for a living, for most of his adult life. And getting his agenda through? He has no experience, knows nothing about the job, and too often shoots himself in the foot with his Twitter rants.


Guys like Drudge, the folks over at Breitbart, all of Fox News, and way too many American voters thought putting an inexperienced, bumbling conman in charge of our nation was a good idea. Well, it wasn’t, so this pile of steaming fail is being served up on a silver platter. You don’t have the right to complain or be frustrated. It’s exactly what you ordered.

I’ll say this for Drudge: He has a track record of some success with his headlines, so maybe this isn’t just venting for him.

Time will tell.


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