After Thursday's Scaramucci Blowup, Huckabee-Sanders Tasked With Making It Sound Sane

If I were to count my blessings for the day, at least one of them is that I’m not Sarah Huckabee Sanders, today.

Sanders is tasked with smoothing over the uproar concerning remarks by new communications director Anthony Scaramucci to a reporter from the New Yorker, made public on Thursday.


Seriously, if the stories of chaos within the Trump circle were bad before, Scaramucci just ramped the dysfunction up to 11.

The man knows less about being a communications director than Trump knows about being president. That’s saying something.

Sanders tackled the issue of Scaramucci’s profanity-soaked tirade with all the believability of a woman standing in the middle of a home engulfed in flames and declaring, “This is fine.”

Said Sanders:

“This is a guy who sometimes uses colorful and, in many circles, probably not appropriate language,” the newly named press secretary said on Fox News on Thursday, addressing Scaramucci’s explicit interview with The New Yorker in which he called Priebus a “f—— paranoid schizophrenic,” and said of Bannon, “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own c—.”

“He’s very passionate about the president and the president’s agenda, and I think he may have let that get the best of him in that conversation,” Sanders added.

Oh, sweetie. That’s not “passion.” That’s somebody who’s off their nut.


“The bottom line is most of us here at the White House are focused on who has a job out in America, not who has a job here,” she said.

So why does so much of what we hear coming out of that House of Horrors involve one member of Team Trump trying to hamstring another member?

The whispers from some corners, going back to past knowledge of Donald Trump is that he actually enjoys seeing his team at each others’ throats. It amuses him, because he’s crass, arrogant, and no one has actually called him on his habit of tossing loyalists in the pit and demanding they fight to the death to prove who is most loyal.

With Scaramucci – a man hired to be communications director, even though he has no experience in communications – Trump found someone as unhinged as himself.

Scaramucci is a Berserker, with no one short of Trump, himself, to stop his rampage. And Trump, having been tested and proven to lack even a modicum of self-control, is not likely to step up and tell the Mooch that he’s made an already tumultuous situation worse.

In fact, a tweet following the release of the story from the New Yorker shows he doesn’t get the problem with what he said in that conversation.


No, it wasn’t the reporter’s fault. You called the reporter. He didn’t call you, and you were not forced to use the language you did, or to attack Priebus and Bannon the way you did.

Scaramucci also tweeted that he will refrain from using such “colorful” language in the future, but the cork is already out of that bottle, and it’s going to be pretty difficult to set things right, now that you’ve already made your feelings known to the world.

Somewhere in the world, Sean Spicer is breathing a sigh of relief.




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