HOLD UP: Senator McCain Issues Statement on Trump's Tweets Regarding Transgender Military

After President Trump’s earlier tweeting, announcing an end to transgender service in the military, the reactions on both sides of the issue were immediate and loud.


I’ll admit, since I’ve written about it quite a bit here, already, I applauded the move.

Not only do I see allowing unresolved mental illness to run rampant within the ranks of active military to be a hindrance, but American taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill for anyone’s cosmetic surgery. It is an elective surgery and as evidenced by the transgender suicide rate, does nothing to treat the underlying mental and emotional issues.

It seems, however, the Trump Twitter communication strategy, taking it straight to the people and all that, has hit a bump.

Since Trump knows very little, all the things he doesn’t know tend to encompass his job, and trying to get out complex policy issues 140 characters at a time when you have limited knowledge, at best, doesn’t really translate well.


Senator John McCain, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, felt compelled to release a statement clarifying the policy on transgender service members, and pointing out that Trump got it wrong. Again.

So, basically, nothing has been decided. Trump didn’t consult with his generals or military experts, and if he did, he apparently didn’t understand what they were saying to him, which is pretty much the reality across the board, it seems.

Transgender military members are allowed to serve. There is a study within the Department of Defense, however, to consider the cost to the military and how that impacts readiness.

I don’t agree with this, for so many reasons, not the least of which is the position it puts other service men and women in.

That being said, we have a president that tweets out misinformation, and his supporters don’t seem to mind, as long as he’s sticking it to the media.

There’s insanity enough to go all around, it seems.


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