RUMOR: Is Bill O'Reilly Trying to Lure Hannity Into a New, Pro-Trump TV Venture? (VIDEO)

If Dante’s description of hell were to be considered accurate, this would surely rank around level 8.

Rumors are afoot of an unholy alliance between former Fox News powerhouse, Bill O’Reilly, and current in-house conspiracy theorist, Sean Hannity.


Gabriel Sherman, editor of New York Magazine and NBC News/MSNBC contributor suggested today that O’Reilly may be looking to coax Hannity away from Fox and into a new venture.

O’Reilly’s new project may be going down with Sinclair Broadcast Group, the GOP donor-owned company.

Sinclair has been positioning itself to be the next big thing in conservative broadcasting, so as Sherman explains, grabbing both O’Reilly and Hannity would bring ready-made audiences to the network and would give them an instant boost to work with.

What’s more, the network would be decidedly pro-Trump, so Hannity’s unabashed hero worship would fit right in.

This is still just speculation, however.


As Hannity’s incessant conspiracy theory pimping has caused him to dip in the ratings, the idea that he may be considering a fresh start somewhere else makes sense.

Nobody tunes in to see mad, frothing shrieks.

H/T to SooperMexican for this one.


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