Trump to Name New Communications Director

The position of White House communications director has been vacant since Mike Dubke left in May. The White House is finally moving to fill that position.

Anthony Scaramucci, Wall Street financier and Sean Hannity pal, will be taking over the duties, according to Axios.


Trump’s plans to appoint Scaramucci came as a surprise to Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who found out after the plans had already been made.

Scaramucci is currently working at the Export-Import Bank but he’s expected to leave that administration post to take the communications director job. Spicer has been handling the communications director’s duties since Dubke left. The President has frequently disparaged Spicer’s performance to friends and associates, but he does that with many of his staff. He also says Spicer is a “nice guy,” who gets unfairly beaten up by the press. Spicer is expected to stay on, though it’s unclear how his responsibilities will fit alongside Scaramucci’s.

President Trump has reportedly been less than pleased with the way his press team have handled their business.

It’s not their fault. They didn’t know they were signing on to be firemen.

Maybe one more Wall Street wheeler-dealer can get things in hand over in Trumpland.


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